Gala Révélation - dreams can come true...

so like i mentionned breifly in my previous post..i participated in an audition earlier this year and got it. basically what is was, was an artistic camp, and we were putting together a mega show at the historical theatre st-denis in montreal for 2250 people! since we were a lot of participants, we were set up in different groups for different medleys. i was lucky enough to be put in MOTOWNNNNN :) i was so happy, cuz its basically the music i listen to the most.
it was an amazing experience! ill try and post my video on this site soon! ill see what i can do :)

the picture you see is during the general rehearsal at the st-denis! i really hated the clothes i was in. wasnt very advantagous..but i rlly didnt care, cuz i was makin it happeeennnnn .

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