so basically ive been trying to get motivated in life
im getting a new job, well probably, the interview went pretty well.
i just need a massive change
have my mind completly set on my goals and what i want.
i just miss her a lot.
she was so special.
and now, i feel her so close to me. like shes right there with me, looking over me.
sometimes its like i can see her. its like a movie in my mind.

i have an event tonight! its the bal for the révélation thingy this summer. i think it could be fun. im kinda exited, but then again its hard to be. i feel like such an old lady. i went out till barely 1:00 AM last night and today i feel like i need a can to walk or something.

i dunno what it is, i feel like this shit keeps repeating itself. i guess that with changing jobs, my life will be different.

who knows.

ill post pictures of the bal soon enough :)

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