In Loving Memory...

it has been a while since i posted anything, and that reason is not because nothing special or important happened, i was just to overwhelmed with emotion to face writting them down.

the summer started off quite well. i had an audition, which went quite well, and i had the best summer plans and vacation spots figured out with my friends, up until a huge bomb crashed on my world. My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. it was literally the end of the world.

the funny part was , i did get my audition, and i would be part of motown medley on the stage of the sold out theatre st-denis. it was so fulfulling for me, i made a dream come true. i felt that i was finally climbing the ladder in a world where i always thought i had my place.

but before i could even take in the joy of this event, i was getting a couple-month notice of the death of my grandmother that i loved so much.

she didnt want to end her days in the hospital, so i decided i would take care of her at home, so she could live her life fully until her last moment. i was then in charge of giving her injections every night, and help her with everything around her house. most nights were cigarettes and home-made french fries, with laughter and happiness. we were both trying to hide our pain, and most importantly our tears. i didnt want to cry in front of my grandmother, i just wanted her to breath hapiness, and be at peace with what was happening.
i stayed with her for two months, and then we had to bring her to a hospital. she lasted almost a month there, and i went to see her every single day. she was the joy in my life. she was everything to me. we had become best friends over the summer.
she knew so much and taught me so much in such a short period of time.

she took her last breath staring into my eyes. her beautiful blue eyes shined bright...and then she was gone...

April 6th 1928- Septembre 25th 2009

Je t`aime mimi

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