alright, so i'm sorry that it's been a while since my last post, but i've been pretty busy. most of the time i try and concentrate on my homework and go about of things, but other times i just sit there and thing, mostly because it gets me aways from the school task that awaits me.

on a good note, i have some sort of rendez-vous/interview with the school of show business thats situated in montreal. it would be pretty nice if that would work out. lets just wait and see.

the other reason why i didn't write anything for a while was because i was majorly afraid of the obvious. it was my ex boyfriends birthday on march 2 nd, and that day just gets me depressed. depressed to the point where my bed is where i spend my whole day. but surprisingly enough, i didn't shed a single shivering tear, which is really awesome really. because i did kinda realize that i've been over him for so long. i don't need him in my life, it's just that no one else has come along thats worth while. i havn't been swept off my feet. like never. which is kinda sad in a way, but hopefully that means that when i will, i'll fall hard, but whatever. it'll come when it's supposed to. i won't go out and chase it.

alright so on a kinda brighter note....

the habs. they do suck, and you might ask yourself why i put up the very bright and colorful habs banner. welll the reason is as simple as this....Carey Price. Halak was probably playing the best hockey of his life, which left price in the shadow and darkness. i'm so happy ( even though that sounds really mean and bad ) that Jaroslav got a virus and that Carey could prove himself as the great player he can be.

the 1st game wasn't so great. he gave 5 goals and you could see that he wasn't totally in focus, probably very very nervous.

the 2nd game was amazing, on his part. the team played like crap literally and if Carey wouldn't of been there, well we probably would've lost 4 or 5 nothing.

i dunno i'm starting to think that the problem might be the coaching and directing staff, but that would be exagerate of me. i don't know what really goes on behind closed doors, so i should have nothing to say on this, but when i coach looks up and tells the media that he's done everything he possibly can and doesn't know what to do anymore, well that's kinda weird. i mean if anyone would tell their boss " hey man i'm sorry i really don't know what do to anymore...i mean...i've done everything i can..."...well the very normal response would be.." alright nice knowing ya..your fired"...

so weird

but so fun

Carey's back :)

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