alright so we got this huge bomb that Guy Carbonneau got fired. Ya. well. that was really shocking and to be totally honest i wasn't expecting it at all, especially from Mr. Gainey. anywho, Carbo has done a lot for this team and i just hope he isn't forgotten. it is sad that it is yet another coach who has to cope with the whole team's downhill sloping.

so the habs won, although i can't lie and say that i watched the game and every second of it, because i was switching to american idol alot. but overall it was a very exiting game, but at some point i felt that the team slacked on the effort, especially in the second period. in the first period they were on fire, i thought they did very well. good thing they came back strong and won those two very important points.

so ya i'm a happy camper : )

oh and also

one last thing

i'm SO happy Carey is finally getting his magic back ( not that he ever lost it) i'm just really exited about it..because..ya...you know why

good night

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