oh gosh. i made a mistake. i really huge one. and i want to say i'm sorry. because i'm sick of making those stupid mistakes. i'm sick of always making excuses for myself. i'm done. i just hope i have just that one last chance to prove myself. please please please. i will change. for the better. i want to succeed. i just need that last chance.

i've been slacking off school lately, but slowly but surely, i'm getting myself back on track. there's been a lot of things that have been stressing me out. work especially. the bosses just treat me and expect of me like the store belonged to me. they want me to say everything that i know all the freaken time and i'm sick of it. i'm a part time worker for crying outloud. the worst part is they expect me to almost leave school to go to work. i'm so dumb for following what they've been telling me. and they always get me by the sensitive strings. there was a case of harassment lately where my manager was really agressive with one of the other workers, which happens to be a very good friend of mine, but thats not it. he did do some things to me a year ago that i have not yet forgiven, and the bosses did nothing about it. my manager is an alcoholic, and even though he can be the nicest person on this planet, he has major issues. and at last years' christmas party, he got a little too drunk and started feeling me up and started to try and kiss me all the time, which he didnt succeed at, thank God.

i'll quit smoking

i'll exercise more

i'll live up to all my responsibilites

i need that one last chance.


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