Music. why music? because it helps me cope. it makes me cry, yet conforts me when i wanna die. death. that's what would happen without music. Music. the essence of life. Life. a melody that may be cut short, if you don't fullfill your destiny. Destiny. that's where you, and only you, can choose what you make of it.

music is my passion. singing makes me feel alive. i know i can make it if i work hard, but fear takes me over, so fast that just the thought gives me shivers. but i know thats what i've got to do to be happy, because i know that i'll just be miserable. forever. i need to motivate myself and convince myself that i can make it. i lack of confidence and i always have. it's always been a problem for me. i'm never satisfied with what i've done, and always wish i could just start over. but in life you only have one chance. one shot to accomplish what ever you want to accomplish, and i don't want to waste that chance. i don't want to wake up one morning and realize that i've wasted my life doing something that made me un-happy. i want to sing for a living. project my voice as far as i can.

i just want to feel good, for once.

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