Oh Carey!

alright so you know like almost everyone on this planet, i have facebook, and i thought i might look up carey price, just for fun, considering that their are like 100 accounts to his name, so most probably he doesn't own a FB account. the reason for all this curiosty is mainly because of the pictures that were supposidly "so controversial" were found on this privacy stealing site. unsurprisingly enough, i found the photos and i wasn't that shocked. i've had worst photos. to be totally honest he's just living the normal life of a guy his age. i mean the guy can't stop from living just because he plays for the montreal canadiens. that's ridiculous. the only thing that i was kind of surprised of was the fact that he's a smoker, not that i would have anything to say about that as being a smoker myself, but it was weird seeing a photo of him with 3 ciggs in his mouth, but then again, lots of ppl have been there done that.
so for sure this account is fake, so i'm definatly not going to get my hopes up. he's listed as in a complicated relationship with a french girl, which i believe is the one who invented this account. anywhoooo
even after these photos, my more-than-soft-spot for carey hasn't faded. i don't know the guy, and so far..i don't think that i will ever know him personnally. that's just technically impossible, unless i stalk him. but i'm not one of those crazy psychopaths lol. that's just sad. oh so sad.
anywho, i'm just a hockey fan seeking the next big game.

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