i know that technically i shouldn't be putting up this sad, dark banner, but i'm really pissed off Carey isn't playing tomorrow. i know that he hasn't been to the best of his abilities lately but he's one of the team's best talent. we need him, just like we need Kovalev. alright maybe i'm getting ahead of myself because i just don't know him. i don't know how he acts off the ice, and how he is mentally and all that stuff. but i know that he's got it. he's got what it takes to bring us to the top.
i know i sound like some obsessed pathetic freak who daydreams about this guy, but no worries, i'm able to say when he fails.
i just hope that Carbo will give him another chance. he needs it and deserves it. for that to happen, he has to stop switching goalies all the freaken time. i mean, who is that good for the players' confidence????? how do you want Carey Price to regain his confidence to the maximum when he won't let him goal for at least 5 games straight.
so yeah,
that's all i have to say on this for now

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