You never know what you can obtain if you don't try

alright so i had this thing for my journalism class. this HUGE this actually. it's like the big project of the semester and i had big ideas for it. since i am a HUGE fan of hockey and that my team(Montreal Canadiens) are celebrating their centinial year, well i wanted something that had to do with the sport. obviously, interviewing a hockey player was out of the question because their totally in season and yeah, just impossible. so i thought that i could combine two things that i love into one article; hockey and music. how could i possibly do that? well, all my answers were found when i thought of Etienne Drapeau, a very popular singer in Quebec, who, before ever being a singer, was a professional NHL player. now i know that i was expecting alot, but i couldn't kill me to try.


with the magnificent magic facebook creates for us, well i sent him a message and all i could expect was a no or just a simple no response, but i was yet too quick to judge, again. he answered about 20 minutes later, flattered that i would even want to write something about him, and he accepted my proposition for an interview.

although i was very much exited for this, i kinda got scared the day it happened. i started praying to God, asking him to make him bail on me or something, but in the end i was so glad he didn't listen to my desperate demands.

so the lesson here guys is: take a leap of faith. take a chance into something you think is impossible because it might turn out to be the total opposite and surprise you like nothing else.

on this

i salute you

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