a little more about me. how i spent the summer of 08

now i know summer is long past, but this is an important part of my life. more important than anything else right at this moment. i was in Portugal, more precisely the island of Sao Miguel.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would go through such an amazing experience. Often when I try to explain to people what I went through, they don’t understand because they say “yeah well you were on vacation”. I was, but I wasn’t living the lifestyle of a tourist. I lived the way everyone was living on that island.
Obviously if my friend wouldn’t have any family over there, my trip would have been a totally different one., and thank God it wasn’t!
My Friend Alexie and I decided that we would rent a house over there, because if we would live with her family, it would have been early curfews and basically no liberty. It was the perfect idea, and at the same time it gave us a taste of living on our own!
As two young girls on their own in a European country , their were times when we were followed by weird old drunk men, but we had our oh-so-great protective bodyguards at Alexie’s uncle’s bar, and friends that took care of us like no one had ever before! I was even surprised one night when it was about 3AM ,and We were hanging out at the garden close to our house, and I had the need to go to the bathroom like crazy. Our house was only two streets away, but Carlos, a good friend, drove me home and back to the park to make sure nothing happened! We had So much fun with these people, and created memories that will last forever. Even though I did make it seem as if it was a dangerous place and to never walk alone at night, it was where I felt the most secure.
Like everything else in life, their is love and heartbreak. It wasn’t something that ruined our trip at all because as the old saying says it “What Happens In Portugal Stays In Portugal”. We learned so much about life in just that short one month period.
When you grow up, you never really know what to expect from life, and what kind of experiences you’re going to go through. Most of the time, I just sat there, daydreaming of what I would do that will change my life, because honestly, my life was a complete bore. I pretty much considered myself as a geek, as I spent movie nights at my friends’ houses, and I wasn’t living the experiences my other classmates were and that freaked me out. When I made this trip to Portugal, I was free from everything that ever scared me. There wasn’t any judgement; life was just life, and it was more than I could’ve ever expected.

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