Evening of celebration and dissapointment

so yeah i guess that today was quite a hectic one. first their was work, which included arguments with co-workers, and then their was the rush to make it to my friend Audrey's birthday on time. the party was held at a place called la cage aux sports, which is quite popular, and we watched hockey. the only thing that bugged me was that we actually waited for our darn plates for about 2 hours and when we finally got them, well the food was crap. other than that, the evening was a little uneventful. their were alot of self believers that, i must say, get on my nerves, but i guess thats part of life.

the biggest dissapointment of the evening was the fact that our hockey team lost, and i being a devoted Habs fan, i was frustrated.

tomorrow is another day

and hopefully i will have something more entertaining to share.

oh well

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