alright so today i was working, and to put you into context, i have a shitty job, but with some great people. the thing is that my eyes opened up today only to find out that these people aren't so amazing. i could write a novel about all the negative things that have happened at my PART TIME job, cuz i am a full time college student who does have better things to do than worry about cold cuts and bread, but my problem is i'm too nice and i try too hard to see the good in people and it ends up smacking me across the face.
this time it happened to a co-worker and a friend of mine, and it's pretty serious stuff, basically harassment. i was a victim of harassment also with the owner of the small grocery store i work at, and again, i didn't say a word. i was pretty dumb, but now it's over. i came to the conlusion that this is all over. i have to move on, and do what makes me happy, and not what makes others happy. i always go to work and have a smile on my face and do my job the best way possible. most of the time the owner comes to see me instead of the manager, which is quite unconfortable at times, and thats where it creates conflict.
anywho its such a complicated conflict that i don't even know where to start, but now i'm sure its ended, because i'm leaving, and i will not look back!

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