alright so i posted the dark version of the 100th season banner mainly because the past 24 hrs weren't so great for the oh-so-historically great team. I have to say that first and formost, i was a little dissapointed in Carey's performance last night, because i know he could've done much better and done that important save to make his team win, but at the same time, it's a team sport and he wasn't the only one on the ice.

so i thought the controversy was completly done with after the ridiculous party stories kind of came out, but no. once again the montreal canadiens lived up to their reputation and gave the media something better than sex; three players implicated with organized crime. now thats just great. how stupid and foolish can you be? apart from the fact that Sergei seems to be the most conceeded little freak ( i have a little problem with his attitude. alright i don't know him, but gosh does it show. the kid never minds his own business and takes stupid penalties on the ice just to prove himself. okay yeah, i know thats what hockey is about, but the guy kinda over does it anywho back to my point_) so the three players that are implicated are: Andrei and Sergei Kostityn and Roman Hamrlik. i was kinda surprised on the Roman part, even though he does look like a mafioso, but thats besides the point, he doesn't seem like the trouble maker type. anywho so now, Montreal Canadiens, are being called a zoo. now isn't that GREAT!

whatever, i still think that if we were winning more and would be constant, these stories wouldn't come out and the media would try and protect those stories, because were winning blah blah. it's kinda ridiculous. i kinda feel bad for the players, which to some may seem really weird and dumb, and it is, but c'mon, these guys are trying to do their jobs and have normal social lives like everyone else. their entitled to have pleasure. it's like any normal person. let's just say you had a bad week at work and you havn't been producing as much as you should, and your trying, or almost trying, but it's not working, well does your co-workers and supervisors check up on you on weekends to find out if your partying or having a good time? no their not because your entitled to your own personal life, and so they should be also. then you might say " well they earn millions ..blah blah blah" yeah maybe some do take it for granted but that doesn't mean they're not doing their job.


i just hope this media circus ends soon. because it's ruining some players focus. people should stop searching for the negative and encourage the postive.

another thing that happened before that whole organized crime story came out was that Alex Kovalev was being left behind to "rest" because he was "exhausted"....maybe that's true, and if it is , well i hope he's taken care of that, but c'mon. these guys live for training and being top shape all the time. unless his liver is overloader with boose and chicken wings, which i don't think it is, he can't be tierd.

maybe he is tierd but in another way. maybe he knew what was going on with his little team mates and was pissed over it.

what makes me really sad about this whole story is that the centennial year of the montreal canadiens was supposed to be historical, and a year that all habs fan will remember, and talk about to their grandchildren. maybe they will, but it'll be filled with negatives.

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