alright so yesturday i was all motivated to get my stuff back on track and do things right.

i really kinda failed at that today. i skipped 3 of the 5 classes i had, which is really really bad. i have to set a new goal, and really live up to it.

i'm just not motivated i guess. that's what i'm missing in my life. motivation. love. hapiness. things to look foward to. i need something new, something exiting in my life.

i'm just walking on a lonely, cold, rainy path by myself, with no one by my side, and with no one who is there to support me.

alright i'm getting a little over paranoid here, but the reality of this is; it's how i truly feel.

i miss love. i miss being loved, and everything that comes along with that emotion and passion.

i need to force myself to be motivated, whether it be by myself or with someone, i need to succeed!

with all this said

delete the negetive

increase the positive.

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